Driven by Positive THOUGHTS

Years of trying to accomplish my goals and dreams, it seemed like I would never reach them. However, I have a mentality that involves innovation, motivation, perseverance, ambition and commitment. These attributes have helped to impact my thoughts and actions through this journey. I feel that faith, hope, fitness, fight, and finishing are the key components to have as a physical therapist. However, I’m just an inspiring Pre-PT, someone who is on a journey that’s learning the ropes to accomplish that one day. From Inspiring-PT to Inspiring Student PT to Inspiring PT, and hopefully Inspiring Best PT.

I’m taking the necessary steps day-to-day, week-by-week, and month-to-month to reach my goal.  You may ask, “Why PT?” Well for starters, I love helping people and I know that’s kind of cliché, but I really have a passion for helping and motivating others through the mind as well the body. It’s an amazing process. Plus, I’m a former athlete. Now Instead of going forward on my dream, I choose to take the backseat to allow my best friend(wife) to pursue hers. No worries, I’m content but never complacent. Mentally I feel I’ll live out my dream to become one of the best PT’s.

People underestimate one of the most powerful organs that you had since day one; which is the brain. We worry so much about the neck down but never understand the power we have the neck up. See through this journey I learn something new just about every day, for example, studies show that “The most powerful computer known is the brain”. In other words, you were BLESSED with the power all along. Now let me take a moment to say for those who don’t have that ability my heart goes out to you.

I was once told “what I’m doing today will help someone in the near future”- Pre-PT Grind.  One of the amazing things that I’m learning about is manual muscle testing. This test will provide information on your muscle ability you have now, and what techniques and tools we can use to help you go back to functioning like you were before or even better. What’s ironic is that one can say that this testing can be compared to life. Use the MIND to focus on what you have today, by sharpening those tools to overcome the challenge ahead to seize the moment. At the time my little brother was 16 years old, a rising senior who I am very proud of. We talk at least 3-4 times out of the week. During the season he called me to talk about some things dealing with the football team. 

He said, “I feel that I’m the only one with the MENTALITY to have a successful year, and from now on I’m just going to get mine and worry about me”. Now I don’t want to go deep into it, but this was my response. “As a leader, you must be different and have that drive to help others along the way. You must have that MENTALITY. “I can only control what I can control”. Use your Mind to figure out what can you do to help your team, like mastering your craft, motivating others to eat right, get stronger and faster, incorporate them through the process. The more you work on those things the closer you’ll get to your goal.  Later that week he was excited to tell me that a lot of players showed up for a voluntary 5:30 am workout. You see, what I instilled in him is the compassion I have as an inspiring pre-pt. The WILL to help someone out daily, and man it doesn’t get any better than that.     

First, I want to say thank you for taking the time to hear my thoughts and soon I will be taking one of many steps through this journey of #InspiringPrePT. Shout out to my beautiful wife who is also my best friend, my daughter, my 3 siblings, FAMILY, Pre-Pt Grind and the Pre-Pt Grind Family. I hope you enjoy. Just know that My Work shall Perfect My Faith.

Shawntez Laniel

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