“Right Now”

How often do we tell ourselves…. Later? Now think about how “later” eventually turns into never. I think there are so many unseen gifts in this world that are hidden behind “later.” Whether its lack of time, energy, resources, or even faith, sometimes we have the tendency to lock up our gifts in a place where they may never have the chance to shine. Isn’t it ironic that the things that depend on an answer from someone else, we absolutely HATE to wait on. Yet when it comes to the things that depend on an answer or decision from ourselves, we’re quick to wait for a more comfortable timing. 

For about 4 months, I had a tug-o-war with myself about starting a project that I knew would be able to bless someone. I thought it was a great idea, but deep down I had a fear of the project becoming a total flop. To me, failing was far worse than not starting at all. Honestly, in hindsight, I realize it was less of a lack of faith in the idea and more of a lack of faith in my ability to pull it off. So for 4 months, I didn’t brainstorm, organize, plan, or start on any aspect of this project; it had officially been placed on the “later” list. 

Eventually, I revisited the idea. Something, or someone (GOD) kept placing this project in head, it literally became a daily thought. But each time the though crossed my mind, I came up with an excuse as to why I wasn’t starting. Until finally, one day I read this quote etched in the back of a bathroom stall door. It read “Right now is for the Powerful, while later is for the Powerless.” That little note hit me like a train.

To me that quote meant how “the powerful” was focused on helping others now, while “the powerless” was focused on helping themselves later. That made me think about how choosing not to complete the project was essentially a choice not to help others. I realized that my fear of failing would not only affect me, but also affect so many others. I was willing to slack off for myself, but I wasn’t willing to let that spill over into an erased blessing for someone else. That very day, I made the decision to start and complete the project; I spent one week planning it, and by the 2ndweek it was officially launched. Long story short, the project was a huge success that was able to support 14 people. Right now, I think about how many people may have missed out on a great opportunity had I waited until later.

All in all, there will never be as good of a time as right now. You see, “Right now” is less about the timing and more about the commitment. It’s about an intentional decision you make to put forth the effort, dedication, and power behind whatever it is that’s in your heart. We all have so much power within us to do whatever we desire, but its hidden behind fear, doubt, and disbelief. Your gifts are not just for you, they’re meant to be used to help someone else along the way. So, the next time you’re thinking of waiting until later, remember someone else is depending on your gift right now!

One thought on ““Right Now”

  1. It’s always hard to start a project, especially when you’re not sure if your project will succeed. Love this post! Great read!


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