Expectation vs. Reality

D e t o u r. I want you to close your eyes and paint a visual of this word. Take a second to think about what comes to mind for you, and what is your own definition? Cambridge dictionary defines a detour as, “A way of getting to a place that is indirect and longer than the usual way, and which is taken in order to avoid a particular problem or to do something special.” Now when I think of the word detour, I imagine myself driving down a crowded and congested road. There’s construction blocking my usual route so now I’m taking a shortcut or maybe I’m taking the longer way. Whichever direction I decide to take I’m always confident I will eventually end up
at my destination. In life we are continuously encountering different obstacles that cause us to detour from our original path. Maybe you’re having a season of delay where you feel like nothing is falling in to place, maybe you had to put your plans on hold because you are prioritizing what’s important to you, or maybe you feel like you’re in the Mario Kart games where you constantly keep slipping on banana peels and getting set back. The light at the end of the tunnel may seem dim and you’re not sure you’ll ever see the light. Whatever place or circumstance you are in, you must acknowledge that this detour or adversity is an essential part of your journey. Being in my twenties I have often fallen prey to comparing myself to my peers especially in this age of social media. Have you ever found yourself doing the same? We are constantly paraded with images of everyone sharing their accomplishments and portraying how great their life is. At times it distorts our own reality and causes us to feel like everyone around us is being successful except for us. We are constantly told that timing is everything and that the dreams and goals we have are reachable if we just keep pushing, but there are often those subconscious thoughts
reminding us that society says, by this age I’m supposed to be here, but if I’m not there than am I truly gaining success? The danger in comparison is that we are not supposed to be like anyone else and our lives were not designed to be identical to one another. Now yes you may encounter
individuals who have had a similar journey as yours, but ask them to share their life story and I assure you there will be a lot of differences in what you guys have encountered. These feelings of comparison are often innate, and one might ask how we combat this feeling. I think the answer lies within our ability to be vulnerable and transparent with ourselves first and
then others. Take the time to embrace your struggles with loving and open arms as these are often the character-building portions of our lives. Our failures help us appreciate each battle we have fought to reach our goals and it allows us to acknowledge every single step that carried you
to the point of your success. The Cambridge definition discussed the idea that, “A detour can be meant to do something special.” I believe whole heartedly that this is what detours within our life are for. So now I ask what does detour mean for you and how can you ensure that every direction you take in life is an essential part of your destiny? What will you impart in someone else that may give them hope, and how can you mold a life that will be bigger than yourself? I pray that you all continue to reach your goals but understand that there is solace in the detour. The obstacles we face don’t alter our destination they merely change the path it takes to get there.
The road will be tough and sometimes you will feel like you have been enduring the battle for a long time, but the hope is that you find the positive in each defeat you face, because they are making you stronger… you are stronger. So, let’s grow together and remember to encourage each other through our triumphs and trials. I want to thank you all for letting me share my thoughts and I encourage you to keep fighting for your dreams, your time will come.
-Chyanne Hampton

One thought on “Expectation vs. Reality

  1. Chyanne,I swear tou wrote this for me because lately I have felt like a failure and wonder what is the point on keep fighting..
    Thanks for this hon.I love you so much


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