Do Not Disturb

There are so many things that I feel like I could go over, but let me hit on a couple things that have really helped me in my process to applying for pt school. First and foremost, never let someone else’s journey affect the future that you are about to embark on. From the outside looking in, I can not tell you the number of times that I have looked at someone and thought to myself “man… if they couldn’t do it, then how in the world can I?” I’m talking about those people that see the moves you have been making, the heights that you are about to reach, and subtly put comments into your head that begin to make you second guess your decisions. 

“I was going to go to physical therapy school, but….”. Yes, we all know what person that I am referring to, and for some of us those people are distant and not apart of our lives. But for me it was someone that was very close to me, and it was something that I battled with after being turned down after my initial attempt to get into physical therapy school. I did not realize the power that others possessed when it came to my internal confidence, and how I perceived myself as an applicant. 

But in order to reach those heights that you desperately want to reach, it is imperative to distance yourself from those that are looking to pull you down. Surround yourself with people that will encourage you along your journey, and push you to get to the top of the mountains that you hope to one day reach. Going into this year’s application I have felt immensely better about where I am, who I have surrounded myself with, and where I will be going forward. This has been a major change in my life and it started with altering my surroundings. 

My last piece that I want to leave you all with, is how I believe everyone should approach their future. A man once told me, “If you are not 5 years ahead then you are behind”, and I believe that it is a principle that we should all instill into our lives going forward. Each and every one of our journey’s will have their ups and downs, but it is imperative that we plan for what is to come next to prepare for those moments. Calculate the moves that you make, and where they will land you going forward. For myself along with many of us out there, we are in the most pivotal points of our life. Many of us are going through transitions in life that will affect us for years down the road. It’s tough to look ahead at times, when it feels like everyday is filled with challenging choices that we must make, but we proactive towards our building our future.  Everyone has the potential to achieve greatness, it just begins with the mindset that you allow yourself to adopt. It’s time for US to do something great, and that starts today!

-Kenny McKenzie 

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