Somewhere along the journey, you lost your way. The very things you prayed and worked so hard for you took for granted. How can you forget so quickly what it was like to be in the trenches? Life dealt you many challenges, and you rose to every occasion. You proclaimed, like the phoenix, from the ashes I rose. However, you forgot all the lessons you learned from getting burnt. The pressure to succeed can weigh tremendously on anyone’s shoulders, but you laughed in the face of adversity once before. You understood that the turmoil would mold you into a better version of yourself. So, tell me what you think changed. Did you underestimate the challenges ahead? Did you believe things would be easier than they turned out to be?

Success always leaves clues, and failure is usually a piece of the puzzle. In those moments, where the feeling of defeat settles in, hold on to the promise. Remember, if not for the pain, the promise would not be as sweet. Playing small does the world no justice. Embrace the struggle as your life has become an embodiment of overcoming obstacles. This too shall pass, and you will be a better version of self because of it. Somewhere along the journey, you lost your way. You lost the grit and determination that got you to this point. You lost the drive and motivation to compete. It was never about being in a competition with other people, but about competing with the man in the mirror. 

Life has a funny way of humbling us and certain times are worse than others. In these exact moments, we are given the opportunity to learn something valuable. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this could be synonymous for value. You lost sight of how the challenges built your resiliency, but how can I blame you? You’re fighting a fight that many people are fighting in different walks of life. No one has it all figured out and they never will. Life is about continuous growth, and never settling for less than what you deserve. We are only bounded by the chains of our own limitations. Somewhere along the journey, you lost your way, but then you remembered. You remembered that no matter how many times you stumble off course, you’ll always find your way back. 

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