Live In the Moment

July 21 st , 2019, I received some news that I never once expected to come my way. As I was making breakfast and preparing for the week, I received a call from one of my friends crying saying that “Emmanuel passed away in a car accident last night.” In that moment I dropped everything I was doing and began to think this can’t be real because I literally just spoke to
Eman, as we use to call him, two days ago and just saw him tweet at 3am that same night. No matter what, I didn’t want to believe that someone who was like a brother to me was no longer going to be here to make me laugh with his daily Instagram videos and funny conversations.

This was the person that told me when he goes pro playing football that I would be right there with him on the sideline as his personal Physical Therapist for any injury. I still go back and scroll through our messages just to read that conversation again and again and remind myself that I need to stay strong and continue to fulfill my purpose as a future Doctor in helping my people. If there is anything that Eman taught me, it was to live life to the fullest and put yourself first no matter the circumstances. Eman was always about bringing forth positive energy in the lives of others and inspiring them to do the same. He had a smile that could brighten up anyone’s day
despite what they may have been going through in that moment. Although he had a pretty busy schedule with football, keeping up with his academics, and making time for his loved ones he would always end the day strong by saying “Don’t stress, everything can only get better from here on out”.

Emmanuel had the ability to not only be successful in his everyday endeavors but always made it a point to have fun because life is too short to stress over things, we have no control over. I say this because as I look around and begin to apply to Physical Therapy school, I have to keep in mind that I can’t let the applications take over my life. Yes, make them a
priority and take them as serious as possible, but always have to remind myself to take a break from the work and do something that makes Alex happy. Often times we find ourselves so caught up in the grind that we begin to forget what our purpose was from the very beginning, which is to be happy all while doing it. I’ll admit, there has been many times in my life where I have completely burned myself out from doing everything under the sun on campus and forgetting the most important thing, make time for
myself. I struggled with learning when to tell people “no” and started to stretch myself thin. Day after day this would be my battle of just getting things done, but now as I get older and begin to fill out my applications, I continuously tell myself there is way more to life than to be just stressed all the time. No one should have to live that way and that’s why it takes for us to realize early how to manage our stress and make time for things that are important for our mental well-being. We all know that post grad life comes with its many ups and downs, but we can all make a little better each day if we work on the things that we can control and leave alone what we can’t.

Whether it be applying to Physical Therapy school, a Master level grad program, or landing that job that you’ve always wanted, always remember to take a step back and be grateful for where you currently are in life because matters could be worst. Learn to live in the moment and enjoy every moment of the process. Once we begin to do that, I promise we can start living better lives where we fall in love not only with our daily achievements, but most importantly loving ourselves more. Self-care is very important, and no one will care for you more than you do for yourself. Feed your soul positive energy and wake up every day saying “I got this” because truth of the matter is your name is rooms your feet have not yet entered.

#DontStopKeepGoing #LivLikE

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