“Karl Bourne Jr. is one of the most captivating writers that I have encountered in the PT profession. What makes his work and reach stand out more is the fact that he hasn’t even started PT school, and yet has more online influence and reach than most clinicians in the profession. Karl’s ability to capture the thoughts, struggles, and successes of other students and professionals through his own personal lense is simply put a gift. Don’t sleep on this winner. If you are a Pre-PT student, DPT student, or a clinician, this is a blog that you won’t want to skip over. Enjoy!”

– Joses Ngugi, PT, DPT, Co-Founder of Pre-PT Grind


I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and mentoring Karl since early 2018 and the growth I’ve seen this then has been extraordinary. Karl has not only been a student of ours, but his stellar work ethic, writing talent, and warm-hearted relationship skills have made him stand out from our thousands of students and followers across the country. So much so that we have made Karl apart of our Pre PT Grind, LLC team. Karl serves as a writer on our Pre PT Grind blog, a mentorship coach, and also as an Intern for social media. In addition to the work that Karl does for Pre PT Grind, Karl is also the Lead blog writer for an NPTE prep company, The PT Hustle. These things emphatically show Karl’s dedication to the physical therapy profession as a Pre PT student and I can’t wait to see what will happen once he’s a student PT and Physical therapist. Karl is wholeheartedly someone we need in our profession and I can’t wait to call him my colleague.

-Casey Coleman, PT, DPT, Co-Founder of Pre-PT Grind

Writing is not just a skill, it’s an art. Karl Bourne Jr. is a thoughtful and captivating writer that you can’t help but get enveloped into his world. I’ve personally had the pleasure of giving Karl tough topics which he was able to transform into a beautiful piece with depth, compassion, and that lasting impact that we all long for when reading. Karl Bourne is literally a born natural and will be a premier writer in the field of Physical Therapy. 

Dr. Kyle Maurice Rice, PT, OCS, CMPT, Founder of The PT Hustle

In my opinion, developing the skill of communication is the biggest prerequisite for having influence in any field. Some have it, some don’t. Karl Bourne, Jr has it. His ability to captivate an audience through his words is nothing short of a gift. More importantly, it has also become his passion. When your gifts align with your passion, you become the best in your field. Karl Bourne, Jr. has become the best in the field of captivating audiences via his writing skills.

Greg Todd, PT, OCS, CSCS, Co-Owner of Renewal Rehab, Founder of Smart Success Physical Therapy