Guest blogger of the Month

I’m a firm believer that united we stand and divided we fall. Too many people have a perspective that focuses on what they can get from the world. We need more people that focus on what they can do for the world. With that being said, I want to use my platform to also push other bloggers content. There is enough room at the table for everyone to eat! Here you will find all the guest bloggers for each month and a short bio on them as well.

For the month of January, we have Farimang Touray.  Farimang also known as Mang is a pre- PT that graduated from the University of Alaska Fairbanks with a bachelors in biological sciences in May 2017. He will be starting PT school at Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions in June. Alaskan born and bred, Mang has learned to enjoy the beauty and numerous adventure opportunities in his home state. Mang is passionate about helping other students in their unique journey as a pre-PT and continuing to grow and evolve as a person. In his free time you can catch Mang playing or watching sports, listening to podcasts and music, Netflix, laughing, talking with friends and family and adventuring.
For the month of March, first we have Jazmine Long. Jazmine is a soon to be student physical therapist, who will be attending the DPT program at the University of the Sciences in a few months. She has used her experience of being wait listed, having to be patient for a few months, and then gaining acceptance, to put together an inspiring blog piece. Jazmine is one of Dr. Kyle Rice’s interns for the PT Hustle, and plans to build her own empire one day. Her passions include holistic health, fitness, reading books and articles for self development and self healing, and music and art.

For the month of April, we have Shawntez Laneil Jones. Shawntez was born and raised in Goldsboro/Dudley, North Carolina. With a bachelors degree in sociology from Livingstone College, he has a deep passion for helping others. Other interests include sports, as he is a former college football player. He is a firm believer in loving the life you live and making the best of your situation. Also, he is firm in his faith/religion and places a tremendous amount of value on family. A verse that Tez likes to live by comes from Hebrews 11:1. “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Currently, Shawntez is taking a break from pursuing acceptance into physical therapy school. He is doing this in order to take care of his wife and daughter while his wife prepares to take her boards for her nursing license.
Dawnette is a non traditional student, who has worked 16 years as a massage therapist while pursuing her dream of becoming a physical therapist. During her 5 years of preparation she gathered a strong network and support system as a Season 1 alumna of The Accepted System and an alumna of Greg Todd’s Season 6 SSPT. She also received valuable experience as an intern for Dr. Kyle Rice with The PT Hustle and as a speaker for Pre-PT students at SSPT Live 2019. After recently being accepted into the class of 2021 DPT program, she anxiously awaits to begin PT school at South College in June. Meanwhile, she enjoys spending time exploring the outdoors and eating amazing food with her husband, daughter and friends. Dawnette also enjoys singing, dancing, laughing and motivating others to pursue any and every dream they can think of.
Hi, my name is Maatra and I’m a 1st year physical therapy student at the University of St. Augustine in Texas. I received a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiotherapy from the Norfolk State University, an HBCU in Norfolk, Virginia. My ultimate goal is to research and expand on the integration of nutrition in physical therapy. This is an area of the field that has not been utilized to its full ability. My hope is to both heal and influence other therapists to consider using nutrition as a tool to treat patients. Eventually I plan to open my own private practice to offer patients the most holistic approach to meeting their therapeutic needs. My journey into PT school was a bit unconventional, suffering rejection after rejection. But all it took was one yes! Now I use my difficulties to help inspire other students to press on toward their goals no matter what it takes!
Hello everyone! My name is Chyanne, I graduated from the University of South Florida with a B.S in Health Sciences as of May 2019. I am currently on my Pre-Pt journey and plan to take a gap year to pursue traveling, gain more experience in the field overall, and connect with other Pre-pt’s. I am an alumni of the Season 4 Accepted system of Pre-PT Grind and I am grateful to have learned the value of community. As a physical therapist I eventually plan to have my own concierge practice that caters to gymnasts and track athletes. I enjoy fitness, nutrition, music, reading, and spending time with my loved ones. My hope is that I can inspire others to pursue their dreams!
What’s up everyone! I’m Kenny McKenzie and I graduated in December of 2018 from the University of Northwest Missouri State. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology Psychology, and I am looking to attend physical therapy school in the summer of 2020. My dream is to help those that are dealing with neurological issues through physical therapy, and I could not be more excited to embark on my future. One of my goals as a clinician will be to push therapy to become a proactive care in the healthcare field, where we have the ability to implement it into our daily lives. I believe that doing this will immensely improve the overall health of our nation today, along with saving the healthcare field millions. Outside of physical therapy, I am a huge advocate for health, fitness, and being active in anyway possible. Best of wishes, and I hope all you guys out there are achieving everything that you aspire to do!

My Name is Alex Vancol, a recent first generation Graduation student from the university of South Florida. I majored in Biological Health sciences with future aspirations of becoming a Physical Therapist. As a physical therapist, I want to not only provide quality health care for my patients but to also use my platform to educate minority communities on illnesses and disease that plague our communities the most. One of them in particular that has a deep meaning in my life is Blood Pressure. I want to have a facility one day that focuses on the physical well being of patients , but also their mental state to facilitate ways to manage blood pressure and cope with stress. As a healthcare provider I want to make a difference in my community with every patient I treat. Being the oldest of 6, I have the pressures of being a role model to my younger siblings to remind them that anything is possible. Along my journey I have faced many battles from health to juggling the world on my shoulders, but with keeping God first I have been able to make it out everytime. I truly like the fact that as a PT I have the ability of getting to know my patients to better improve treatment plans and recovery rate. I want to live everyday knowing that I have made an impact on those who may have lost hope in getting better. My job is to restore that confidence and enjoy the journey with both patients and members of my community. No one gets left behind in my world. As I continue to gain more knowledge, I find it only right to educate and share what I know with those of our communities. What good is it when you keep all the knowledge to yourself?!